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Richard’s methodologies have been adopted by some of the world’s largest and most admired companies, strengthening hiring practices and producing high performing teams.

Weak people cost more than their salary; lost opportunities, lost good will and wasted time can cost you your business. A leader is someone who is followed, who inspires greatness in others and creates a culture where success is celebrated. We know the difference between Leaders and Managers.

For recruiting managers: We commit to introduce proven, talented leaders who fit your culture, your challenges and are motivated to interview with you.

For candidates: We will work with you to secure the right position and culture to meet your personal objectives. It is our aim to earn a lifelong relationship with you through helping maximize your value and attaining your life’s ambitions.

For temporary executives: By understanding the customer’s situation it is possible to bring together the right talented individual to act in the specific moment to deliver momentous change. Often this particular individual would not be the same leader who will be the long term recruit, it is also true that the long term leader is less likely to be skilled in transformation and performance development. All of the executives we work with are battle scarred with proven track records of successfully leading teams to achieve business results.