Richard Hoy » Leadership and Strategy

Richard’s results speak for themselves. By helping clients unify their people behind the business’s mission, organizations achieve more than just improved business performance.

Every organization in the world either knows how to develop strategy or they will engage a Strategy Consultant to help them develop a winning strategy. They will go away into the mountains with the senior leadership team, get very serious about the direction the company needs to go in and come back full of energy that “things are going to change around here!”

Why is it then that 97% of the organizations in the world fail to fully execute on their chosen strategies? What is it that the other 3% know? The answer lies in the consistency and rigor they place on the execution of the plan.

Our Distinctive Excellence is helping our clients execute on their plans and grow their business. Our Strategic Development Model is all about defining executable strategies that are designed to move the business forward and then applying methodologies to get the client organization positioned from Operations, to Marketing and Sales to execute on the plan.

We’ve helped some of the world’s great organizations create their next winning strategy and guided through successful execution. Companies like Vodafone, Xerox, TELUS and Symantec.