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Richard creates strong, motivated and courageous teams who achieve more than they believe possible.

Richard Hoy co-founded CompassPeak and was appointed CEO in early 2008. Richard has 29 years of business experience with a proven track record in leading companies to achieve significant levels of success. He has transformed emerging businesses from potential into profitability and created a reputation for making sales success a science.

Richard has spent 24 years in the technology market place across four corporate organizations and nine countries.  Richard’s career started in the UK, and he has held senior leadership roles in Xerox, Lucent, and Cable and Wireless. In 2001 he was recruited by TELUS and moved to Canada. TELUS is the second largest Telco in Canada. In the role of Senior Vice-President and Managing Director of Sales for TELUS, Richard was responsible for transforming the $466m BC sales business from an organization declining by 9% into a business growing by 16% in 18 months.

Since 2004, Richard has focused on business transformation projects, which have included working with Vodafone, Computer Associates, Apparent Networks, Infowave and Tandberg. These projects have tested and proved the CompassPeak business model as effective and to be a clear differentiator.
Richard Hoy is proud to be a salesman’s salesman.

Having done the job at every level; from commission only salesman to CEO, from chasing the monthly target to leading a $466 million business, Richard understands what it is like to do your job, he understands what it feels like to be in your shoes, Richard knows what it feels like to wake up each morning with a number on your back and he knows what it takes to win.

Richard’s presentation skills are legendary, provocative and inspirational, the audience will be moved and motivated to take control, to take responsibility and to action. Richard believes that success comes from within and he believes that he has responsibility to help people to unlock their capacity to succeed.

Richard is highly people-oriented, with a focus on engagement and results.